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Bingo News

Tidy Bingo Opens its Own Saving Scheme

Posted by Andy Edwards in Bingo News on January 5th, 2015.

Saving while you play sounds like a wonderful idea. But how could that work? Tidy Bingo have come up with an original scheme that launches just as Christmas 2014 comes to an end, hoping to make Christmas 2015 a little easier on the bank balance. Tidy’s players deserve a great deal of the credit for the innovative Tidy Savers scheme. It was their discussion in the Tidy Cupboard room that sparked the idea. The Cupboard is an exclusive room that opens ... More

Great promotions and prizes at Dream Bingo this December

Posted by Phil Goulding in Bingo News on December 15th, 2014.

It's games galore this December at Dream Bingo. There's plenty of gift-giving, goodwill and great prizes for you to win. It's a time a joy and a season to celebrate and where better than to get in the spirit of things with the festive fun happening at Dream Bingo. You're sure to find a winning game this winter with so much happening in one place. Dream Bingo are hosting a Snappy £50 bingo game that gives you the chance to grab ... More

Take A Peek In Santa’s Sack With Tidy Bingo

Posted by Andy Edwards in Bingo News on December 1st, 2014.

The countdown to Christmas has begun and one particular brand that you can rely on to provide you with some festive fun is Tidy Bingo. For the second year running we see the launch of one of their Christmas promotions – Santa’s Sack. Due to its popularity last year, Tidy Bingo are once again giving their players, old and new, the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes in the run up to the arrival of the real man in red. Christmas ... More

High score for online bingo

Posted by Phil Goulding in Bingo News on October 20th, 2014.

OnlineBingo32red A secret world of blue rinses, hot gossip and cheap wine – that’s the image many people have of the old fashioned bingo halls that used to grace our High Streets. But bingo is back with a bang! It’s enjoyed an incredible rebirth over the last decade thanks to the phenomenal success of playing online. As the neon lights have dimmed on the vast concrete halls so synonymous with the game, online ... More

How to make money gambling in online casinos

Posted by Andy Edwards in Bingo News on October 7th, 2014.

Most of the people who have never played in an online casino before, assume that this is one of the most ruining activities you can do and long term you're going to lose all your money. Well, this is not true, and there are lots of ways to make money gambling online. For example, there are some mathematically proven ways to make money gambling - like advantage play. This practice means that the gambler will use legal ways to gain ... More

Hallowin at Tidy Bingo

Posted by Phil Goulding in Bingo News on September 29th, 2014.

October plays host to the spookiest days of the year, Halloween, and to get everyone in the spirit of this haunted holiday Tidy Bingo are giving you the chance to Hallo-WIN some fantastic prizes. Your friends will be green with envy and it won’t just be the face paint. All you need to do is to collect as many points as possible by completing some very simple tasks, and as any game show host will tell you, points make prizes. It ... More

Tidy Bingo Netball Sponsorship

Posted by Andy Edwards in Bingo News on September 17th, 2014.

Over the past twelve months, Tidy Bingo have worked hard at building a reputation for being a brand that cares. They have done this through a number of different ways including exclusive promotions, charity games and just making sure they are always there for their players. What you might not know though is that earlier in the year they actually became sponsors of a netball team - The Ripon Rockets! This team originates from North Yorkshire, where one of Tidy's owners ... More

Betfred Bingo Launches Mini Money Room

Posted by Phil Goulding in Bingo News on September 4th, 2014.

Earlier this month, Betfred Bingo unveiled a brand-new room that the bargain-hunters among you will be fighting to enter. The Mini Money Room is designed to give you more fun and bigger amounts of money to play for without costing you the earth in sky-high card prices. Everything about the Mini Money room conveys value, with cards costing as little as 1p and no more than 5p each. You can play a range of brilliant games, including 1&2TG, BOGOF, Penny, and ... More

More Progressive Jackpots Arrive at Kitty Bingo

Posted by Andy Edwards in Bingo News on September 2nd, 2014.

We’ve always found Kitty Bingo to be an extremely generous site when it comes to offering great value-for-money, non-stop entertainment, an endless range of exciting promotions and superb prizes. Now, Kitty’s excelled itself by introducing an exciting new selection of progressive jackpots (seven, no less) that you can play for in the majority of the site’s bingo rooms. So, whether you prefer to play 90-ball or 75-ball games, get ready to try and jump on one of these great jackpot ... More

Win a Sparkling £20k at William Hill Bingo

Posted by Phil Goulding in Bingo News on August 31st, 2014.

This week, the Diamond Room at William Hill Bingo is offering you a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to the site’s Sparkling £20k event, where there’s a phenomenal amount of money waiting to win. The fun starts at 6pm on Friday 5th September 2014, so make sure you roll up in plenty of time to pick up your tickets to a heart-racing selection of exciting games. Such as New £350 Super XL, Buy One Get One Free, ... More