About Us

Madaboutbingo.com is brought to you by an independent group of experienced writers and bingo enthusiasts, who understand what like-minded bingo fans want to read. We are dedicated to bringing you the most up to date bingo reviews, bingo offers, stories and news regarding both online and land based bingo.

Launched in January 2006 our mission was simple; to inspire, inform and entertain our visitors with a rich mix of in-depth reviews and bingo news.

We deliver our content through a wide range of media including; reviews, articles, blog, RSS feeds and a monthly newsletter.

Over the years we have continued to simplify the choices available to all bingo newcomers, by creating our site to make the process of choosing an online bingo site, easy and stress-free.

Meet the Team and a little about us!

Andy Edwards: Editor

I’m the longest serving member of the team. Having watched the site grow from strength to strength over the years, I have developed a unique understanding of what our visitors need. Originally from a business analyst background working for a major retail online site, I have now transferred my skills to the online bingo world. I edit all of our content along with maintaining the site and SEO.

Phil Goulding: Office Manager

As Madaboutbingo’s Internet Manager, my role within the company is the daily running of the on page content. My job involves daily news posts, updating our current reviews, reviewing and adding the latest and best bingo sites. Recently my job has taken on a more active role within the social media sector, whether that be posting or sharing our latest news, offers and competitions or just friendly interactions with bingo fans on our social pages.

Ian Lally – Lead Creative

As Lead Creative, I’m tasked with determining the best ways for us offline and us to visually represent our company’s identity online. My role involves working with internal and external clients, pitching designs, and understanding the needs of our audience. A lot of the time I’m required to develop visual designs for new and existing projects as well as being responsible for recruiting and managing third party design firms and freelancers. I have been with the company since its infancy and continue to enjoy the challenges that it presents to me in the ever-changing landscape of online and mobile gaming.

In my spare time, I write for a number of design and fashion journalism blogs. I enjoy spending time with my family and making sure I allow for a few gym sessions a week.


If you’re a bingo lover and interested in writing about your favourite pastime, plus fancy earning some extra money then, please feel free to contact us.