The Euromillions is an international lottery, where players from 11 different countries take part for their chance to scoop the jackpot. Having started in 2004 with just UK, France and Spain participating, the EuroMillions has spread to other European countries now with 117 million people taking part. With so many participants, the jackpot tends to be much higher than most national or single country lotteries, with the largest jackpot reaching €190 million.

The game

The Euromillions Lotto syndicate gives you 100 chances to win the EuroMillions every single week.

Overall that is 25 chances of winning 1 of the 13 cash prizes plus 25 raffle tickets.
There are 175 shares available in each syndicate.

The EuroMillions had its launch in 2004 and has become the richest lottery in Europe; nine countries now host it.

The jackpot for the EuroMillions draw can reach as high as €190million, with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of at least €15million.

You enhance your chances of winning with a subscription to the EuroMillions syndicate.

The EuroMillions live draws take place on a Tuesday and Friday nights.

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Our conclusion

The is the ideal lottery to play if you’re looking to win big, with huge prize funds, especially when there is a rollover. Although you are competing against more people for a prize, you also have better odds of winning the EuroMillions, as you can match few numbers to win a prize. It’s worth a play if you have your sights set on the high life.