Most adults will have probably played the lottery at least once in their lifetime, hoping that their numbers will finally come up and that they’ll be able to transform their lives dramatically.

It’s the same the world over, whether it be the National Lottery (UK), the continent-wide EuroMillions, OZ Lotto (Australia), Irish Lotto (Ireland), McLotto (Scotland) or Powerball (US). There are loads of lotteries out there, which each offering up huge money prizes to the lucky individuals who manage to match up all the right numbers.

Of course, no matter which country you’re playing in, you’re never guaranteed to have a winner every week. That’s where the rollovers jackpots start to pile up. Much like a progressive jackpot game in bingo, if the winner can’t be found in one game, the prize pot will get rolled over to the next game. Growing each time until someone manages to scoop the lot. That is where the huge cash prizes come. It’s not uncommon to see a jackpot of over €100 million in the EuroMillions after a couple of rollovers, and of course who can forget the record breaking winners of the US Powerball and Mega Millions games, with winners scooping prizes of over $350 million.

Any lotto win is life changing, of course, whether the lucky player wins £1 million or £100 million. For some, it offers the opportunity to own a home, see the world or give up work. Most of the time, these are things the player would never even have dreamed they’d be able to do before a lottery win. Unfortunately, there are instances when too much of a good thing can go bad, in the rare case of those who end up bankrupt or worse after the dust settles on their lottery win.

But no matter where you’re from, you will have the opportunity to change your life by playing one all-important lottery game. Could today be your lucky day?